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The Rising Popularity of Online Gaming in Africa.

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The Rising Popularity of Online Gaming in Africa.

The iGaming sector has been gaining popularity in recent years and spreading all across the world, with the global online gambling market being valued at USD 63.53 billion in 2022.

The iGaming sector has been gaini It’s only normal that it also reached Africa. Data from 2020 suggests that the sector in the continent is worth a little more than one billion dollars, but it is expected to skyrocket by the end of the decade. What factors are contributing to this and what makes Africa a lucrative market for investors and operators? Keep on reading for more information.

The legislature is changing across the continent

For starters, one big factor that has been contributing to the rising popularity of online gaming in Africa is the fact that more and more countries are legalizing various forms of gambling, including online. Although there are some countries that have completely banned the practice, gambling has been in sort of a gray area, where it is not prohibited but not completely legalized and regulated. It remains in this position in many nations still, such as Ghana, Zambia, and Botswana. However, there are also some that have decided to regulate the market like Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Seeing as how those that have made the practice legal are getting an economic boost, it’s only a matter of time before more countries start implementing more relevant laws. Of course, it’s important to look into the local regulations before engaging in gambling.

The population is very young

Africa has the youngest population in terms of continents. About 70% of the Sub-Saharan region is under the age of 30. The 2022 median age of Niger, for instance, is 14.8, Malawi’s is 16.8, and Tanzania’s is 18.2. With such a young population, it’s no surprise that the online approach and newer technologies are being implemented. They are more interested in trends and developments while also being more tech-savvy. Whether it’s playing video games on PC and gaming consoles or placing bets over their smartphone, they find it easy to adjust to new technological circumstances.

The infrastructure is developing

A big factor that’s helping with the growth of online gaming’s popularity in Africa is the ever-improving infrastructure. For example, a technology that is being implemented all over the world is 5G. This generation of broadband cellular networks allows for faster internet, which means that websites can be accessed much faster and various games played without any lag. Countries like Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe are just some of the African nations that have rolled out this technology. While not all countries have yet introduced this technology, there is already talk of 6G. While it is on the backburner currently as the current generation has not reached all regions yet, it is expected that the sixth generation will arrive before the end of the decade. It remains to be seen how quickly it will be adopted in Africa.

The number of providers is on the rise

With changing legislation and improving infrastructure, it’s no wonder that more and more operators are attracted to the continent. That means that interested players have many options to choose from when it comes to online casinos. Players are always encouraged to read up on a website they plan on joining. Fortunately, there are plenty of review websites that list all sorts of pros and cons of each provider. Moreover, even more specific articles can be found, such as the 22Bet registration guide for Ghanaian players that will teach them all they need to know before joining a casino or sportsbook. Thinking of safety should always be the top priority, which is why looking into whether a provider is licensed and has an SSL certificate is a must.

The devices are more and more affordable

Last but not least, the rise in more affordable devices cannot be overlooked either. While there are still expensive models on the market like the newest line of iPhones or the latest S series of Samsung, there are also many affordable smartphones that people can opt for and use to access online casinos and other providers. For instance, there are some either older models of these high-end brands or some series that were made to be more approachable. Furthermore, there are also smaller names on the market that produce devices that might be even better for a fraction of the price. Besides devices, mobile data plans are also getting cheaper, meaning that one doesn’t have to pay a lot to get access to fast internet and some amazing games. From phones to tablets all the way to laptops, equipment is getting more affordable as it’s more widespread and players are taking advantage of this fact.

As you can see, several factors are playing a role in the rising popularity of online gaming in Africa. What other ones might emerge and how the market will continue to develop remains to be seen.


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