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Google for Startups Black Founders Fund: Empowering 25 African Startups

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Google for Startups Black Founders Fund: Empowering 25 African Startups

In an exciting showcase of Africa’s entrepreneurial spirit, the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund has unveiled its latest cohort of 25 African startups. This diverse group represents the innovation and potential of the continent’s vibrant startup ecosystem, with standout performances from Nigeria and Kenya.

Nigeria, a tech powerhouse, leads the way with 10 remarkable startups making their mark. These Nigerian entrepreneurs are tackling challenges in sectors like healthcare, fintech, and logistics, shaping Africa’s digital economy. HealthDart, Evolve Credit, and Periculum are just a few examples of Nigerian startups set to make a significant impact.

Kenya, known for its tech-savvy population, showcases its own brand of innovation with six startups securing a place in the cohort. These Kenyan entrepreneurs are disrupting logistics, construction supply chains, and bookkeeping, among other areas. Fleetsimplify, Jumba, and Uzapoint are leading the way in transforming industries through their cutting-edge platforms.

While Nigeria and Kenya take the spotlight, it’s important to recognise the pan-African nature of this cohort. Startups from Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, and other African nations also contribute to the impressive lineup. This diversity underscores the collaborative nature of Africa’s startup ecosystem, where entrepreneurs from across the continent come together to drive innovation and address shared challenges.

The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund levels the playing field by providing financial support, resources, and mentorship opportunities to selected startups. This inclusive approach empowers African entrepreneurs to thrive, positively impacting their communities and society.

Here’s the list of the startups in alphabetical order.

  • Akoma Health (Nigeria): Tech platform for accessible, culturally conscious mental health services in Africa.
  • BezoMoney (Ghana) : Digital banking for Africa’s underbanked via mobile/web platforms.
  • Chargel (Senegal): Digital trucking platform connecting shippers/carriers in Francophone West Africa.
  • Charis UAS (Rwanda): Provides 3D geospatial data via drone technology.
  • Evolve Credit (Nigeria): SaaS for digitising and managing banking services.
  • Excel At Uni (South Africa): Supports student funders via digital services.
  • EzyAgric (Uganda): AI-powered mobile technology to enhance Africa’s farming sector.
  • Fez Delivery (Nigeria): Last-mile logistics platform for various industries.
  • Fleetsimplify (Kenya): Monetization platform connecting gig drivers & vehicle owners.
  • HealthDart (South Africa): Digital HMO providing end-to-end health services with insurance.
  • Herconomy (Nigeria): Female-focused fintech aiming to be Africa’s first women’s bank.
  • Jumba (Kenya): Improving Kenya’s construction sector supply chain via B2B platform.
  • MDaaS Global (Nigeria): Tech-powered diagnostic centres for affordable healthcare.
  • My Pocket Counsel (Nigeria): Legal tech platform for contract generation and management.
  • Orda (Nigeria): Pan-African neobank for restaurants, offering cloud-based software.
  • Periculum (Nigeria): Data company aiding in credit assessment, fraud/churn risk.
  • Raenest (Nigeria): Fintech offering global financial services to freelancers/startups in Africa.
  • Ridelink (Uganda): E-logistics platform providing shipping and real-time tracking.
  • Susu (Côte d’Ivoire): Health platform providing healthcare services/insurance funded by African diaspora.
  • Talamus Health (Ghana): Tech solutions targeting healthcare inefficiencies in Africa.
  • TruQ (Nigeria): Streamlining mid-mile logistics across Africa with third-party vehicle connectivity.
  • Tushop (Kenya): Tech platform for group buying of daily essentials in Kenya.
  • Uzapoint (Kenya): Mobile/web POS for digitising bookkeeping in Africa’s informal sector.
  • Zinacare (South Africa): Online platform for accessible, affordable healthcare services.
  • Zydii (Kenya): Localised digital training solutions for African SMEs.


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